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GFC Professional 4K
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  GFC Professional 4K

  New from Pelco by Schneider Electric, is the GFC Professional 4K video camera. The makers report that it delivers 8 MP resolution detail for applications with heavy foot and vehicular traffic. The camera is also designed for use in challenging lighting as typical in city surveillance, airports, seaports, traffic, casinos, prisons, commercial and hospitality uses.

  The 4K camera delivers high definition video at 30 Frames Per Second (FPS) for 24-7 surveillance. Customers can use one camera to cover a large area and digitally zoom-in for details such as car plate numbers, and faces. By pairing 4K video resolution with H.265 video coding and Pelco's Smart Compression technology, the camera minimises network bandwidth and storage costs, the US firm adds.

  Sophie Wang, Senior Global Product Line Manager said: "Pelco has successfully applied 4K technology to solve real security video challenges - providing more detail even in scenes with low light or overly bright areas, and doing this cost-effectively without unduly burdening storage costs. Unlike other vendors' 4K cameras, the robust Pelco Pro firmware feature set on the GFC Professional 4K maximizes image quality, light sensitivity, and much more."


  Pelco by Schneider Electric公司推出的新產品是GFC Professional 4K攝像機。制造商表示,它為快速的車輛交通的應用提供了8MP的分辨率細節。該攝像機還設計用于具有挑戰性的照明,如城市監控,機場,海港,交通,賭場,監獄,商業和酒店用途。


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