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H.265 domes
2019/5/7 14:45:00   中國安防行業網      關鍵字:      瀏覽量:

  H.265 domes

  Hanwha Techwin's new WisenetFlateye IR dome cameras have been designed for high humidity sites and for where condensation might occur because of temperature differences.

  The main feature of the new H.265 domes, which are part of the Wisenet Q series, is that they each have a flat surface cover which is applied to the front of the lens instead of the dome cover. This reduces IR diffused reflection which is caused by moisture and in the absence of a normal transparent dome cover, also removes the effect scratches can have on image clarity.

  The 2 megapixel Wisenet QNE-6080RV and 4 megapixel QNE-7080RV domes have built-in infra-red, which ensures objects can be recognised at night up to a distance of 30 metres, while a 3.1x (3.2 - 10mm) motorisedvarifocal lens enables wide-angle monitoring. The new domes also come with defocus detection which generates an alert if the camera is out of focus and 'defogging' which makes corrections to blurry images which are captured in foggy conditions.

  The products feature Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), which performs at up to 150dB to produce images in scenes that contain very bright and very dark areas at once, and Lens Distortion Correction (LDC) which compensates for the image distortion that can occur with wide angle lenses. A Hallway View feature provides a way to monitor narrow vertical areas such as corridors, tunnels and aisles, that minimises bandwidth and video storage requirements, the makers add.


  Hanwha Techwin公司的新型WisenetFlateye紅外半球攝像機專為高濕和可能因溫差而發生冷凝的場所而設計。

  作為Wisenet Q系列一部分的新型H.265半球攝像機的主要特點是它們每個都有一個平坦的表面覆蓋應用于鏡頭的前面而不是圓頂蓋。這減少了由濕氣引起的IR漫反射,并且在沒有普通透明圓頂蓋的情況下,也消除了劃痕對圖像清晰度的影響。

  200萬像素Wisenet QNE-6080RV和400萬像素QNE-7080RV半球攝像機內置紅外線,確保在夜間對目標的識別能夠到達30米,而3.1x(3.2 -  10mm)電動變焦鏡頭可以實現廣角監控。新的半球攝像機還帶有散焦檢測功能,如果相機失焦,則會產生警報,"霧化"功能可以校正在霧狀條件下拍攝的模糊圖像。


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