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8MP IP cameras
2019/5/13 11:34:00   中國安防行業網      關鍵字:800百萬,像素,IP攝像機      瀏覽量:

  New from the manufacturer WAMA is a new series of 8 megapixel IP cameras. Among the features of the NM8 series are ultra-high resolution of 3840 x 2150px, H.265 video compression, built-in video analytics, true WDR (wide dynamic range) and automatic network replenishment smart back-up.

  The 4K IP cameras deliver image quality with detail, and the products are the makers say suitable for surveillance over large areas such as shopping malls, parking lots, airports and warehouses. When an event has happened in an area, the cameras' edge-based video analytic functions are able to send alarm notifications, allowing for operators to take action.

  Mark Leung, Engineering Director of WAMA said: “With the rise in criminal and terrorist activities, deploying higher resolution security cameras with intelligent functions will help minimise losses and even prevent crimes. The NM8 series cameras offer many great features and they are developed with cost effectiveness in mind. It is our aim to always provide powerful yet economical video surveillance solutions for our users.”


  制造商WAMA公司推出了新系列的800萬像素IP攝像機。 NM8系列的特點包括3840 x 2150像素的超高分辨率,H.265視頻壓縮,內置視頻分析,真正的WDR(寬動態范圍)和自動網絡補充智能備份。

  這個4K IP攝像機可以提供圖像質量和細節,且制造商表示這些產品適用于大型區域的監控,如商場,停車場,機場和倉庫。當某個區域發生事件時,攝像機的基于邊緣的視頻分析功能可以發送警報通知,允許操作員采取行動。

  WAMA的工程總監Mark Leung說:“隨著犯罪和恐怖活動的增加,部署具有智能功能的更高分辨率的安全攝像機將有助于減少損失甚至預防犯罪。 NM8系列攝像機提供了許多出色的功能,它們在開發時考慮了成本效益。我們的目標是始終為我們的用戶提供強大而經濟的視頻監控解決方案?!?br>

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