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Redvision Outdoor camera
2019/5/27 11:04:00   中國安防行業網      關鍵字:      瀏覽量:

  Outdoor camera

  The new VEGA 2052 from Redvision is a rugged, outdoor camera. It is made from die-cast aluminum and finished with a marine-grade plating, followed by a durable powder-coating. It is cable-managed, with all cabling routed through the housing and inside its wall or pedestal mounting brackets. No junction box is required, as connections are made within the housing using cable terminals. This not only gives the VEGA 2052 an IP67 weather-proof and IK10 impact rating with vandal-resistance, but also makes it quick and simple to install, the makers add.

  The 2052 camera has taken the company's VEGA 2010 camera housing and added a 2MP, camera module with a Sony Exmor low light sensor. The product comes in a light grey (RAL 7035), as standard, but can be ordered in any other RAL colour, including black, as shown.

  Stephen Lightfoot, technical director at Redvision, says: “The VEGA 2052 is one of the toughest and most durable, rugged cameras in the security industry. Compare the VEGA 2052 with any outdoor bullet camera and it is immediately obvious that it is built to last. Most bullet cameras would, in fact, be installed with a separate junction box, not shown in the picture, which can look messy and exposes cabling to malicious attacks. The VEGA 2052 is one of the toughest, fixed cameras in the security industry.”


  Redvision推出了一個新款的VEGA 2052堅固耐用的室外攝像機。它的外殼由壓鑄鋁制成,并采用海洋級電鍍,然后是耐用的粉末涂層。它采用電纜管理,所有電纜穿過外殼并位于墻壁或底座安裝支架內。不需要接線盒,因為電纜端會在外殼內進行連接。制造商補充說,這不僅使VEGA 2052具有IP67防風雨和IK10抗沖擊等級,并且具有防破壞功能,而且安裝快速簡便。

  2052型攝像機采用了該公司的VEGA 2010相機外殼,并增加了一個帶有Sony Exmor低光傳感器的200萬像素攝像頭???。該產品標配淺灰色(RAL 7035),但可以訂購任何其他RAL顏色,包括黑色,如圖所示。

  Redvision的技術總監Stephen Lightfoot表示:“VEGA 2052是安防行業中最堅固,最耐用的攝像機之一。將VEGA 2052與任室外子彈頭攝像機相比較,很明顯它是經久耐用的。事實上,大多數子彈型攝像機都會安裝一個單獨的接線盒(圖中未顯示),這種接線盒看起來很麻煩,并會使布線暴露在惡意攻擊之下。 VEGA 2052是安防行業中最堅固的固定式攝像機之一?!?/div>

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